Here are just a few resources that are accessible on the World Wide Web that show
what we stand for. Click the link to view their website.

  • Americans For Prosperity
  • Conservative Young Professionals of Milwaukee
  • The Wisconsin Family Council
  • Milwaukee County GOP
  • The Hispanic Conservative
  • Common Sense For Congress – A Grassroots effort

Congressional Approval Ratings

Our chart below shows the annual approval ratings of our congress for the past 10 years using the data provided by Rasmussen Reports showing the HIGHEST approval rating for that year.

Year (Majority) Rating Year (Majority) Rating
2009 (Democrat) * 21% 2004 (Republican) 41%
2008 (Democrat) 22% 2003 (Republican) 43%
2007 (Democrat) 37% 2002 (Republican) 50%
2006 (Republican) 21% 2001 (Republican) 72%
2005 (Republican) 29% 2000 (Republican) 56%

*2009 Approval rating as of March 2009. Click here for the latest report.

Year over year, the approval rating of Congress continues to decline. We continue to send the same leadership to Washington only to have them continue to do poorly. In the real world, if you continued to perform poorly, you would be fired.

It is up to us to send a message to Congress to say you’ve had your chance, you have failed, and “You’re Fired”. Tell them it’s time to bring in new leadership. Leadership that will not just have reactions to the problems of today, but to have the foresight to prevent problems in the future.

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