Born in Milwaukee on June 27, 1957, Dan Sebring is the son of a church organist and the Pulaski High Class of ’51 valedictorian. Raised in New Berlin, Wi. He attended Cleveland Heights Elementary School, Glen Park Middle School, and in 1975 graduated from New Berlin West High School.

Shortly after his eighteenth birthday Dan Sebring joined the New Berlin Volunteer Fire Department where he quickly became the youngest and most knowledgeable operator of the largest piece of firefighting equipment they had.

Having  been employed as an assembly line worker, a janitor, turret lathe operator, school bus driver, gutter installer, truck driver, printer, painter, disc jockey, bar tender, body guard, carpenter, cabinet maker and  an auto mechanic. Dan Sebring knows firsthand the life of not only a working man, but also the plight of the poor & unemployed and the hardships they face living day to day on the brink of financial disaster. Early in the recession of the 1980′s while employed as a carpenter, when the prime interest rate shot up to 21.5% not only did he find himself out of work he found himself living in his car.

No stranger to Washington, D.C., in 1983 as a member of the U.S. Navy during the Reagan administration Dan Sebring served on the Chief of Naval Operations Intelligence Staff at the Pentagon and later at the Navy Air Reconnaissance Control Center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  Both places they don’t let just anyone serve.

The owner/operator of a Milwaukee auto repair business since 1993, Dan Sebring won the 2010 Republican primary election and faced the 4th Congressional District incumbent Democrat in the 2010 general election. Receiving just a fraction less than 30% of the vote, Dan Sebring fared better against an incumbent Democrat in the 4th Congressional District than any other Republican since the 1940′s (in 2002 Tom Reynolds came within 8.9% of the incumbent Democrat running for the then open seat).

Commenting on his 2012 candidacy, Dan Sebring said: “I know that we have a battle to fight and I know we have to save America. I’m running because I’m concerned about the future of the 4th District, the State of Wisconsin, and the country. I’m running because I fundamentally disagree with the policies supported by our current representative in Congress.”


  • 54 years old
  • 23 year resident of Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional district
  • Current 2nd Vice Chairman, Republican Party of Milwaukee County – South Branch
  • Current member of the Republican Liberty Caucus
  • Can trace family tree to the Mayflower
  • Brother in good standing at George Washington 1776 #337 Masonic Lodge in Whitefish Bay, WI
  • Small Business owner in Milwaukee since 1993
  • Former volunteer firefighter in the City of New Berlin
  • U.S. Navy veteran served on the Chief of Naval Operations Intelligence staff at the Pentagon
  • 2008 Write in Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Wisconsin’s 4th District
  • Won 2010 Republican Primary election and received a fraction under 30% of the vote in the general election for U.S. House of Representatives in Wisconsin’s 4th District

Statement of Principles


As your representative, I pledge to protect the sanctity of innocent life.  Speaking as a former fetus, I am Pro-Life. There is no question in my mind that life begins at conception.  There is no circumstance under which the intentional taking of innocent life is acceptable.

Less Government

The Federal Government has three main purposes: protect the people, defend the nation, and provide a sound infrastructure.  As your representative I pledge to adhere to the limitations of the Federal Government as it is spelled out in the United States Constitution.

The Public’s Interest.

To quote Joel Hyatt, “Somewhere along the way a great idea got lost.”  The idea that members of the U.S. House of Representatives would take the ideas, opinions, and concerns of their constituents to Washington, D.C. and tell the other members of Congress, “This is what the people want!” The incumbent Democrat in Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District has earned the reputation of coming back from Washington, D.C. to tell the people “This is what your government wants for you!”

Open Office Policy

As your Representative I will institute an “Open Office” policy.

By incorporating traditional town hall meetings, on line surveys, and the feedback of specialists in different fields and interests, our office will be far more efficient with better ideas than previous representatives of Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District. People working outside of my office will be working voluntarily on issues that have the highest priority for them, empowering the individual citizen.

Empowering citizens to public discourse and enabling open, visible criticism and dissent of my actions makes me more accountable to the people.

Campaign Pledges

  • 10th Amendment Pledge
  • Americans for Prosperity No Climate Tax Pledge
  • Americans for Tax Reform Pledge
  • Obamacare Repeal Pledge
  • The Parental Rights Amendment Pledge



  • Gerard Randall – Political Commentator, Jobs Creation Specialist, Well known Wisconsin Republican.
  • Mark Borkowski – Milwaukee County Supervisor 11th District
  • Joe Sanfelippo – Milwaukee County Supervisor 17th District
  • Leah Vukmir – Wisconsin State Senator 5th District
  • Perfecto Rivera – 2006 4th District Congressional Challenger, Campaign Chairman
  • JB Van Hollen – Wisconsin Attorney General
  • Jeff Stone – Wis. State Assembly 82nd District
  • Ken Lipinski – 2010 4th District Republican Primary Candidate
  • Glen D. Frankovis – Milwaukee Police Captain – Retired
  • Joel Kleefisch - State Representative 38th Assembly District

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