Job Creation

Unlike the actions of Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District incumbent Democrat , who in the past has blocked the efforts of businesses like from locating in Milwaukee and providing something on the order of 1500 good paying jobs because they’re “not the right kind of jobs”, I will remove government obstacles from businesses that would like to locate in the district. What does that mean anyway? “Not the right kind of jobs”, I can tell you from first hand experience when your hungry the “right kind” of job is the one that pays American money., which is located in New Berlin, has become the largest internet supplier of costumes in the U.S., recently hired several hundred more workers, many of these workers coming from the 4th district.  No one ever rose above poverty as a result of government “assistance”.  To do that you need to be employed.  We need to attract new businesses to the 4th District.

Wisconisin’s 4th Congresssional District does not appear on the currrent list of Federal Enterprise Zones. I will fight to have the entire 4th Congressional District designated a Federal Enterprise Zone providing tax breaks and incentives to businesses that start up, stay in, relocate to and hire from the 4th Congressional District. Incentives that include but are not limited to:

  • Reduction of payroll taxes for new hires of residents of the Enterprise zone.  Reduction can be 50% or more to the employer, scaled based on wage levels.  The higher the pay, the bigger the reduction.  Expires after 5 years of employment, or 10 years after the formation of the business.
  • Elimination of Capital Gains Taxes for anyone investing in a new business starting in an enterprise zone to promote private investment for start ups.
  • Reduction of property taxes, or even a 5 year period where they are set at 0, for vacant or underutilized property within the Zone to spur development and investment.  Property must be held for 10 years or the taxes will be assessed in arrears to prevent 4 year speculators and flipping.
  • Additional funding for police patrols and other anti crime efforts in the zone to reduce crime and make the area more attractive for a new business.
  • Manufacturers are subject to looser restrictions on environmental impacts, using the least restrictive of the states’ regulations as the standard for use in any Federal Enterprise Zone to encourage the development of manufacturing sector growth.
  • Full income tax deductibility of all job training paid for by the new business to spur job growth and training.
  • Federal investment into infrastructure in the enterprise zones (with contractors required to be within 25 miles of the zone itself, if available) to increase accessibility and transportation.
  • New business must first make use of vacant/condemned land.  If and when all vacant/condemned land is utilized, properties with existing tenants/uses may be purchased and then qualify for any applicable Enterprise Zone credits.