Candidacy Statement

It was while recovering from cancer surgery that I became motivated to run for Congress against the incumbent Democrat. I wrote her a letter in which I expressed that it was important for me as a constituent to let her know how I felt on issues that concerned me.

Then I asked her to support a House Resolution that was important to me. It was her response that motivated me. Not only did her reply say that she wouldn’t even consider supporting the Resolution, it went on to give reason after reason why I was wrong. I re-read the letter many times. What I interpreted that letter to say was…”How dare you tell me how to do my job. I’m a member of Congress and you’re just a citizen. I’ll tell you what’s good for you and you’ll like it!”

When the 2008 primary election rolled around I couldn’t wait to go to the polls and cast my ballot against the incumbent Democrat. What I found was the Republican Party had no candidate for that office. There was no one for me to vote for! That’s when I mounted a write-in campaign that netted nearly 500 votes. Shortly after Thanksgiving I filed my declaration of intent for the 2010 election cycle.

During the debate on healthcare reform, I attended two Organizing for America healthcare reform rallies at which the incumbent Democrat spoke. She said, “This is what the President wants and we have to get behind it!”

It is the job of members of The House of Representatives to take the ideas, opinions and concerns of the people they represent to Washington and say “this is what the people want”.  It is not to bring the policies of the government back to the people and tell them they need to “get behind it”.

My campaign to unseat the incumbent Democrat is about representation. My promise to the people of the 4 th District is to take their ideas, opinions, and concerns to Washington and tell the government “This is what the people want and we have to get behind them!”