Term Limits

America’s “Founding Fathers” never envisioned that there would ever be such a thing as a “career politician”. The idea was that public service would be a sacrifice. Once elected to public office you would have to leave your farm or other chosen vocation behind to attend to the needs of your constituents. After serving your term or maybe even two, you returned to private life on the farm or wherever you came from. The last person I can recall who did that was Harry Truman. I support term limits and I suspect our country may not be having some of the problems it is having if they were in place.

On March 21, 1947, the Twenty-Second Amendment was passed to limit the number of terms for the President of the United States. The same should hold true for all politicians.

Historians point to George Washington’s decision not to seek a third term as evidence the Founders saw a two-term limit as convention and as a way to prevent a monarchy.

To prevent the same issues from plaguing our society, term limits should be enforced upon every politician.