Eliminating the Capital Gains tax and the so called “Death Tax” is only the start.  The tax burden place on American citizens must be reduced across the board! By allowing people to keep more of their hard earned money and allowing people to leave their accumulated wealth to their heirs, we will be fostering consumerism.  People who have disposable cash have a tendency to spend it. Consumerism is what drives the economy.  Demand for goods raises levels of employment.  Higher employment means income tax revenue from a larger pool. A larger pool to draw tax revenue from leads to lower taxes.

The Death Tax amounts to nothing more than double-taxation. The money you have earned has already been taxed once, your heirs should not have to be taxed on money that is rightfully yours.

The Democrats have a new tax they’re about to stick the American people with – it’s called Cap and Trade. The idea is to reduce carbon emissions by manufacturing and other companies. The issue here is that it will reduce the amount of power available to YOU the consumer. Over time you will require more power, which will require the energy companies to use more coal or other materials found in nature.

The estimated cost of this program will add approximately 70% to your utility bills, including the cost to put gas in your car.

The Obama Administration is counting on over $400 billion in additional revenues to be created from this tax.