Today's Issues

There are many issues plaguing our society today, none of which are given any thought at the "macro" level. Politicians today tend to look at the "issue of the day" like it's the soup of the day. This is why we have politicians that have knee jerk reactions, like bailing out failing companies.

Dan's forward thinking will allow him to look at issues and take into account the effect that a decision will have on other issues or the impact that it will have on the people of the 4th district.

Top Issues Plaguing our Country

Statement Principles

Abortion is against biblical teachings and is wrong. If you look at the Social Security system and the fact that it's underfunded, the 40 million abortions that have been performed in this country would have put enough people to work to practically eliminate the need for Social Security to borrow from other programs, and extend the program beyond the projected 2025 date that the system will run out of money.
Many of our elected officials claim to be a Christian, however, if our leaders were 'true' Christians, they would recognize that in the bible it is wrong to take any life. Our elected leaders have become hypocrites
The Public's Interest.
Our elected officials have become too interested in serving special interest groups and taking their money. They have forgotten the primary reason they are there and that is to serve THE PEOPLE'S interests. It's about creating jobs helping to improve our quality of life - not improving corporate executives quality of life.
Less Government.
The Federal Government has three main purposes, protect the people, defend the country, and provide a sound infrastrucutre. As an elected official, I will work to remove the obstacles that have been keeping elected officials from these three main objectives.