Cap and Trade

This is the Democrats way of cleaning the air. The system works by capping the amount of emissions a company or group of companies can emit.

The problem with this is our country continues to grow, and use energy for things like manufacturing, producing goods, and heating our homes, companies will have to pay for "credits" to permit them to emit CO2 emissions.



The downside is as credits for emissions go up in cost, those costs will be passed down to the consumer. So in the end, we will pay up to 70% more for natural gas and electricity costs over the next few years. This amounts to nothing more than another tax against the American People. And where does your Congresswoman stand - she is in favor of this. She supports putting another tax burden on the people of her district. She supports putting additional burdens for the few remaining manufacturing companies that are left in South Eastern Wisconsin.

President Obama, his administration, and those in Congress are banking on over $300 billion in additional revenue from this program by 2022.

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