Government Oversight

Back to the issue on the economy and bank bailouts. Our current elected officials have done little to nothing to institute any oversight on the taxpayer funded bailout dollars issued to banks. Recent examples show:

-Citigroup who took $145 billion dollars of taxpayer funds was going to be used to purchase 3 new private jets

-Associated Bank of Wisconsin was planning to send 100 employees to a $450 per day resort in Puerto Rico until the voice of the people was heard. Citizen outrage got the trip called off, not our currently elected officials.

-Merrill Lynch, aquired by Bank of America, with the help of government guarantees, issued approximatey $3.6 billion in bonuses using taxpayer dollars.




Your currently elected leaders, including the present Congresswoman who sits on the House subcommittee on Financial Oversight and Investigation have done NOTHING to provide assurances that taxpayer dollars are being used appropriately or being used to issue credit to restimulate the economy.

Recently the top executives of the nine largest banks in the country were called to testify at Capitol Hill. None could provide any indication that YOUR taxdollars were being used to stimulate the economy - and your congresswoman - sitting on the sidelines, not questioning any of this.

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