Government Spending

Government spending should be no different in difficult economic times than it is with your household, or with a large corporation. Spending should be directed, meaning that it goes to the programs that do the most good for the people. We should not be continuing to waste money on programs that are failing.

The Obama budget proposal for 2009 shows a current budget deficit of $1.7 Trillion. This amount is claimed to be left-overs of Bush Administration. However, this is the budget Obama has submitted for approval, and the current congress is working with. Based on information in the current White House budget over the next 10 years, the present administration "claims" to have the ability to halve the deficit is BLATANTLY FALSE. Over the next two years alone, budget deficits will total $2.92 Trillion dollars. This number does go down to $593 Billion in 2018, however, in 2019 the number jumps back to a staggering $793 Billion. Over the first four years of the Obama Administration, the White House will ask the current congress to pass budgets that amount to $4.5 Trillion in deficits - or more than the combined deficits created by the first 41 presidents combined



My proposal is to assist by going through the budget with other elected leaders, eliminating wasteful programs, or funding for superficial needs that do nothing but provide those in Washington a cushier lifestyle.

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