Job Creation and Tackling Poverty

Rather than taxpayer's money be placed in the hands of "Community Developement" entities who while proclaiming there prowess in job training and preparing the unemployed for the job market gobble up the lion's share of government funing in "administrative costs", I propose taxpayer's money be used to provide incentives directly to businesses who will provide 'On The Job Training".  Incentives like tax credits and/or paying a portion of the wages of new hires for a specified "training period". 

In addtion to On-The-Job-Training, as your elected official, I will create legislation to eliminate the H1-B visa program. This program was designed only as a stop-gap measure if a company could not find a qualified candidate for a position. Over the past 20 years, this program has been used to fill jobs by foreign nationals that could easily be given to US citizens, jobs that WOULD reduce the unemployment rate in our country.

President Obama has called for an "America First" policy to encourage spending on American made goods and services. To take this one step further, these goods and services should be provided for Americans by Americans.



Poverty has become a rampant part of the Milwaukee community, and has been the numbers of citizens that fall into this category has been rapidly accelerating over the years. As your elected Congressional Representative, I am duty bound to help the Milwaukee community and the locally elected leaders to bring jobs back to our district. These jobs will be good-paying jobs that a man or woman can wake up in the morning and be proud of. These jobs will allow them to work an 8-hour day, come home and provide the necessities of life and care to their families without having to worry about getting to their next job or wondering how they will make ends meet.

Unlike the actions of Rep. Moore, who in the past has blocked the efforts of businesses like from locating in Milwaukee and providing something on the order of 1500 good paying jobs because they're "not the right kind of jobs", I will remove government obstacles from businesses that would like to locate in the district. What does that mean anyway? "Not the right kind of jobs", I can tell you from first hand experience when your hungry the "right kind" of job is the one that pays American money., which is located in New Berlin, has become the largest internet supplier of costumes in the U.S., recently hired several hundred more workers, many of these workers coming from the 4th district.

Recently I have added my name to the list of candidates who support a national referendum on bringing 1.6 million call center jobs that have been outsourced overseas back home. The referendum includes a provision that upon the return of these call center jobs, cities with an unemployment rate over 10% will be given priority in the distribution of these jobs. That bodes well for the Fourth District. Additionally, in today's technologically advanced world a person wouldn't have to commute to a physical "call center". The job could be done without even leaving your home. You can learn more about the referendum at

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