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Cap And Trade - The Democrats Next Indirect Tax on Americans

A proposed effort to reduce greenhouse gasses which the Obama Administration calls Cap and Trade, will cause utility rates to jump as much as 63% according to Midwest Consumer Utilities.

In order to reduce emissions, Obama and other Democrats call for "credits" to be auctioned off to utility companies and manufacturing companies which will generate an additional $650 billion in federal revenue. To offset these credit costs - utility companies will have to pass that $650 billion to consumers

Source: The Heritage Foundation

President Obama speaks about what Cap and Trade will do to the average consumers. Gwen Moore supports the Cap and Trade bill and wants to see your electricity and energy costs skyrocket. His exact words are "electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket". Are you tired of having a Congresswoman who follows the crowd in Washington, or would you like someone that will put their foot down and fight for you?

Courtesy of YouTube / San Francisco Chronicle

Democrats showing their true colors

The Obama Administration has stepped in to ask for GM's Rick Wagoneer for his resignation. The funny thing is, he and other Democrats are not asking for bank CEO resignations - banks who have received far more in taxpayer bailouts than the auto industry. The very same banks that have crippled our economy and continue to do so. People, when do we tell our current officials that we hold ALL executives that receive taxpayer money to the same standards? Why is it that bank executives (like the ones who gave Gwen Moore $38,879 in 2008*) are being held to almost non-existent standards?

*Source: Gwen Moore Campaign Finance Report through OpenSecrets.Org

Poop-To-Power Video

Watch as Congresswoman Gwen Moore talks to Fox News and tries to justify a wasteful $500,000 earmark that will not create any jobs. She also tells Fox News that inner city unemployment is over 50%. Where is the logic in spending taxpayer money if it's not going to benefit the taxpayer?

This video was posted by Gwen Moore on YouTube / Courtesy Fox Television News

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04.29.2009 Fact Check

Obama disavows all responsibility of the budget deficit claiming it is not his problem. Reality: Congress and the Senate (including Gwen Moore and Barack Obama) supported all of former President George Bush's bailout packages and spending plans - now they don't want responsibility of the problems they have helped create. Citizens, this is the Congress and President that the people elected - now they are saying they have no responsibility for what is happening in our country.

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Unemployment Data

National Unemployment Rate: 9.5% (through June 2009)
Source: United States Department of Labor

Milwaukee Unemployment Rate:9.0% (as of May 2009)
Source: United States Department of Labor

Wisconsin Unemployment Rate: 9.1% (as of June 2009)
Source: Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Milwaukee Inner City Unemployment: 57.0%
Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Obama Lies About Ongoing Budget Deficits
According to the Congressional Budget Office, the CBO now reports that Obama's budget figure is $2.3 Trillion WORSE than expected. The CBO is reporting that the Obama Administration will run $1 Trillion plus deficits EVERY year through 2019. This would also cause the deficit to exceed 5% of the nations Gross Domestic Product. This will create higher consumer interest rates and drive up costs - similar to the days of the Carter Administration Source: Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel

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