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17% of Milwaukee Lives In Poverty
In a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article, one in seven kids live in poverty, with Milwaukee having the highest reported poverty rate in the state at 17.3%. Click here to read more.

Our current representative has blocked new jobs from moving into the district, and with companies like Chrysler who have announced plant closures in our state affecting citizens throughout our area, this problem will continue to get worse before it gets better.
AIG, House Committee on Banking and Finance, and Lack of Oversight
  • AIG Asks Execs To Return Bonuses
  • Treasury Secretary Wants Unprecendented Power
  • Government Wanted to Sue AIG over Bonuses
House Committe on Banking and Finance held hearings on March 24th regarding the AIG bonus payments. The Treasury Secretary is asking for broad oversight to allow the Treasury to take over institutions they feel are in trouble.

Capitalism and free market enterprise allow companies, including banks, to fail. Depositors can move their money to any institution they feel will best serve their own needs. Using data provided by the Trasury and FDIC, people should be able to make their own choices, not have the government intervene on every issue.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke wanted to sue AIG over the bonus payments, however feared a backlash that would cost the government more in punitive damages. However, if our elected Congresswoman would have had the foresight to include provisions to cancel or suspend bonuses for companies receiving taxpayer bailout money, we wouldn't be in this situation.

How much longer do we want a government and local representative applying socialist policy on the American people?

Current Topics

Obama Small Business Plan to Hurt Small Businesses
  • Obama Small Business Plan Gives Tax Breaks to Venture Capitalist Contributors, According to the American Small Business League

Excerpt: "The new pro-venture capital policies will be devestating for the nation's 27 million legitimate small businesses, as wealthy investors will be allowed to completely dominate federal small business contracting programs."
Obama to Force Vets to Use Private Insurance for On-Duty Injuries
  • Veterans Groups Irate at Obama's Private Insurance Proposal

  • Excerpt: "The message, according to some of the people in the room, was that if the groups do not like this idea, they need to come back with another way of saving or raising revenue for the VA."

    Blindly what Obama and the Democrat run Congress are saying - if you're a vet, and you want the government to pay for your injuries YOU the vet/taxpayer need to come up with how to raise the money for the VA.
Obama Spending
According to the Congressional Budget Office, the CBO now reports that Obama's budget figure is $2.3 Trillion WORSE than expected. The CBO is reporting that the Obama Administration will average $1 Trillion plus deficits EVERY year through 2019. His budget will add $9.3 Trillion to our national debt (more than 4x that of former President Bush), and cause the deficit to exceed 5% of the nations Gross Domestic Product. Ultimately, This will create higher consumer interest rates and drive up consumer costs.

Source: Congressional Budget Office and Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel