Who Is Dan Sebring

Dan Sebring is a 51 year old Republican Candidate who is running against Gwen Moore for the 4th Congressional District Seat in 2010. Dan's vision is not about Democrat and Republican, but about doing what's right for the community. As a small business owner, Dan knows what it's like to feel the pinch of higher taxes, soaring cost of living, and living paycheck to paycheck


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Dan's run for congress began in the late summer of 2008. As a watchful citizen he realized the incumbent was running unopposed. Normally this is not cause for concern, however, as his taxes continued to climb, job losses were beginning to mount, and all of this taking a direct toll on his business, he began his quest for Washington as an underdog write-in candidate. Below is a little bit about the candidate.
  • 51 years old
  • Can trace his roots back to the Mayflower
  • Small business owner in Milwaukee since 1994
  • Former volunteer firefighter in the city of New Berlin
  • Navy veteran with duty stations in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and the Pentagon
  • 2008 Write-In Candidate
  • Obtained 483 votes during a 6-week write in campaign


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Political Aspirations

Dan has a multitude of customers that are involved in politics at all levels. These names include, County Executive Scott Walker and County Supervisor Mark Borkowski to name a couple.
His first taste at politics was during the recall of former Milwaukee County Executive Tom Ament and again during the 2006 campaign of Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker's first run for Governor of Wisconsin.
Dan is not interested in becoming a lifelong politician, as he believes in term limits. He follows the ideas of our founding fathers that were politicians for a short period in their life, then returned back to their homes, farms, or businesses. Lifelong politicians have been at the root of our problems for decades - what Dan believes and what many believe is that we need people that are in it to make a difference, then turn over the power to the next person, so that they may make a difference.